Convenience store counter displays: What you need to know.


If you sell products in a convenience store, it’s important to really think about the typical customer who’ll be shopping, as well as the transaction type they’re likely expecting during their visit. First and foremost, displays should be, you guessed it: convenient.

So what does that mean to you? We’ve got some great ideas to help you take your product from shelved to sold-out, simply by implementing C-store counter displays.

C-store displays are perfect for the turn and burn shopping experience that customers shopping at convenience stores have come to expect. Why? We have some thoughts on the topic, and we’re here to let you know, C-store counter displays are an ideal answer to your convenience store display problems.

4 Reasons Why We Love These Nifty Displays (And What You Should Consider)

  • C-store Counter Displays Allow You to Create an Experience: Point of purchase (POP) counter displays are perfect for convenience store set ups. Cardboard countertop displays with headers are ideal for branding, creating an experience where consumers get to know your brand, even if they are rushing to get out the door.
  • C-store Counter Displays are Ideal for Retail Spaces: The typically smaller footprint in retail spaces like convenience stores means less can be more when it comes to displays. Custom cardboard counter displays are neat and compact, so they can fit nicely in prime real estate area (like the counter), maximizing your brand’s exposure while making it easy for shoppers to grab and retailers to stock and restock as needed.
  • C-store Counter Displays are Versatile: C-store Counter Displays are one of the easiest-to-customize displays out there. They can work for anything from gum to gadgets. In fact, these sturdy display options can even house edible options that would impress even elite fine-diners. And it’s easy to design a c-store counter display that exudes high class and gourmet, so whether you’re selling croissants or candy, you can create a display that works for you.
  • C-store Counter Displays are Convenient: Grab n Go is the name of the convenience store game, and C-store displays exceed expectations in this category. Easy to see what’s being sold and easy to grab products, counter displays are literally the definition of what convenience stores should be?

While it’s easy to see why (and how much) we love C-store counter displays, don’t stop with just the displays, either. Once you have the design finalized and are ready for production, think about adding on other display items like signage that will help ensure your brand is recognized and calling out to customers. Hanging retail ceiling signs combined with counter displays really help make sure your brand will be seen, regardless of where busy, rushed shoppers are looking. C-store counter displays – they really are a win-win, if you ask us.

Gatorade Floor Display


  • Develop a simple floor display platform that provides ease of execution at retail
  • Combine a powerful visual impact with structural integrity for easy access to product and a small footprint for health food stores
  • Customer needs displays in store in 3 weeks

What we did

  • Created a simple one-piece column structure with a dramatic image of Usain Bolt, Olympic Gold medalist, as a billboard graphic
  • Developed a quick 1-2-3 assembly process
  • Added stark white shelves that highlight product colors and extend beyond the display to invite consumers to further investigate
  • Positioned the brand message with high visibility to quickly communicate product benefits to the serious athlete


  • Our speed-to-market process resulted in design to delivery in 3 weeks
  • The G Series Pro products are selling four times the level of those that are on the shelf
  • Retailers reported that the retail floor displays have been restocked multiple times
  • The addition of the vac-formed tray has extended store life and enabled retailers to keep the display on the floor to match demand