Company Overview


Company overview

In March 1998 the partners of this company Sobhagchand K. Shah, Deepak S. Gudhka & Bimal S. Gudkha recognizing that the demand for packaging materials in the Western region of India was bound to exponentially increase, so they founded their dream company M/s. Global Packers in Silvassa. Initially it started supplying to local and in small industrial market. The company quickly expanded to produce all types of corrugated packaging products and expanded to serve in all parts of India. Today they are successfully operating 2 units in Dadra – Silvassa and converting 10,000 tons paper per Annum. Also it is planning to set up a 3rd unit with a Fully Automactic 5 ply corrugated board line with a running production capacity of 15000 tons per annum at Vapi, making it one of the leading corrugated boxes manufacturer in this region.

– We work to reinforce our commitment to social responsibility by manufacturing innovative and recyclable paperboard packaging, and we aim to be perceived as the company of choice by seeking excellence and embrancing Global values.

– Global Packers seeks to create and promote Eco-Friendly products. We strive to grow our business with the same honesty and integrity, we use to craft our products, with sustainability and great quality for all.



We are known as the prominent Manufacturer of corrugated packaging products.

Our Team our Strength

Located in Western region India, Global Packers is a company that aims to add value to the goods by manufacturing and converting suitable packing to meet their customer needs. Since its foundation in 1998, with the support and sincere efforts by its core team the company has offered a wide range of creative and recyclable corrugated packaging solutions in Indian markets. Our results-driven team of packaging designer, technologist and production experts specialize in supplying packaging solutions, designer boxes, and high-resolution promotional packaging. To comply with standards set by the Industry, Global Packers is an ISO-9001:2015 certified manufacturer and seeks continous excellence in all the areas and services it provides.


While packaging is an integral part of modern day living designed to protect, preserve, promote and enable efficient distribution of consumer goods, it was essential for GLOBAL PACKERS to contribute to a sustainable society by making sustainable packaging across the supply chain. In order to play an active role in building a suistanable society and creating a positive environmental impacts by the manufacturing activities, GLOBAL PACKERS is committed to investing in equipment, training and innovation and to sourcing renewable or recycled materials. Corrugated paper board, the primary material we use in our manufacturing processes, is sustainable by nature. It is an environmentally friendly product made from bio degradable materials such as recycled paper. With this green advantage in hand, We make every effort we can, to manufacture products with the minimum environmental impact possible.